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Originally from Reading, PA, Casey moved to Saint Paul in 1996 to attend Macalester College where he earned a BA in communications.  He spent the next 10 years as a touring musician working with the Black Eyed Peas and other national acts.  For the past 15 years Casey has owned and operated of one of Minneapolis’s premier recording studios, GoodLook Studios in NE Minneapolis, working with legends ranging from 50 cent and Nas, TV shows like Rick and Morty and corporate partners including MacMillan Publishing and Motorola.

Casey is passionate about exceeding client’s expectations… and also happens to love the process of looking for, remodeling, purchasing and selling real estate, having been through every aspect of the process multiple times.

In the music world, you have to understand your client’s needs and expectations to be able to produce results.  You have to become incredibly aware of what client’s want even if they can not put it into words themselves. Being able to discern detail and nuance is key. Casey has honed this skill over the past 15 years and believes this is also paramount to being successful in the world of real estate. He has a passion for exceeding client expectations and takes representing people and their best interests with the utmost respect.

“Helping people find a place that they can call home is everything for me. It can be a stressful, fast paced and uncertain process but communication and offering reassurance goes a long way.  Helping people navigate that stress in finding or selling a home and seeing the excitement on their faces when we close is an amazing feeling.  While it may be the end of the process, it is the start of something new and wonderful for my clients”!

Casey lives in the Highland Neighborhood in Saint Paul and has intimate knowledge of the charming neighborhood structure of the city, from Macalester-Groveland, to Highland Park, Cathedral and Summit Hill.  He is active in coaching his 2 children in youth Basketball. Another illustration of his passion for teaching and communicating to help them grow in both skill and confidence.  He enjoys snowboarding in the winter and getting away to the North Shore in the summer.

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